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Being right is dangerous
Being right is dangerous

Being right is dangerous. Being right changes nothing. Being right means more of the same, and nothing new can come from that. Being wrong invites change. It can be the starting point of getting things right. It’s said that 50% of what we know today is wrong, judging from past experience. The only problem is, we don’t know which 50% we’re wrong about! Life, or really anything can’t be about being right. It can only be about getting it right. Whatever you do in life or otherwise, you want to dedicate your time to getting things right instead of wasting time trying to be right. You want to fail, and you want to learn from those failures. In fact, there are no failures. In truth that’s just a label. The only time you fail is when you fail to learn from your failure. It’s not failure, it’s only feedback and data.

Life is a series of choices. What if life was less about being right, and more about getting it right, meaning being an active participant of life or like a scientist with an insatiable curiosity, where right or wrong was nothing more than arbitrary labels, serving no purpose on the journey of living your best life.


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