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Motivation and Procrastination: The Inner Signals That Drive Performance and Growth

Motivation and Procrastination: The Inner Signals That Drive Performance and Growth

👉 Motivation is often misunderstood and only becomes a concern when we lack it

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Hey there, comfort seekers!

It's been a while,  and I hope you’re ready for some insightful talk about motivation and procrastination. You know, those two sneaky little things that seem to derail the best of our intentions when we least need it. But fear not, because today, I'm diving deep into these topics on our latest episode of "Inside the Comfort Zone."

Now, I must confess that I've had my fair share of struggles with motivation recently. A persistent cold brought my regular podcast episodes to a halt, and to add to that, I was feeling rather uninspired to create. But as a loyal listener, you probably know by now that my mission is to help you change for the better, inside your comfort zone. So, I took my own advice and decided to explore the roots of motivation.

In this episode, I explored the common misconception that motivation is something we either have or don't have. It's not some external force that magically appears when we need it. Instead, I believe that motivation flows from the inside out. It's present and effortless when we're doing things we genuinely want to do, but it becomes a struggle and a source of anxiety when we're faced with tasks that don't align with our desires.

A lack of motivation often leads to procrastination, that dreaded word that can derail our progress. But here's the thing —both motivation and procrastination are not external factors or obstacles to overcome. They stem from our inner selves and the choices we make. It's our thoughts and perception of these experiences that either reinforce negativity or open doors to growth.

Instead of forcing ourselves to push through discomfort and endure, I propose a different approach. Rather than fighting against our lack of motivation, what if we allowed ourselves to be comfortable with not wanting to do something? By accepting our current state and understanding the reasons for our resistance, we reclaim our power and open ourselves up to a more authentic and fulfilling way forward.

I can vouch for this approach firsthand. During my own period of feeling unmotivated and uninspired, I chose to practice self-compassion, acceptance, and understanding. And you know what happened? Inspiration and motivation gradually found their way back to me. Taking action became easy, enjoyable, and consistent once again.

So my dear comfort seekers, remember this: motivation is not something to be forcefully summoned or chased after. It arises naturally when we align our choices with our desires. By embracing our current state, acknowledging our choices, and offering ourselves kindness, we can conquer procrastination and find ourselves on a path of growth and fulfilment.

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I appreciate you being a part of this incredible journey of personal and professional development. Let's continue supporting one another as we redefine growth, performance and success.

Until next time, stay comfortable,

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