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The Danger of Black and White Thinking with Mark Staelgraeve

The Danger of Black and White Thinking with Mark Staelgraeve

I interviewed Mark Staelgraeve who works as a Leadership and Agile Coach helping equip leaders to approach work and life with more verve & vitality. Our minds love labelling things and putting things into boxes … Why? The mind's primary directive is to protect, to keep us alive. and the sub directive of that is to predict … which helps to protect. If the mind can accurately predict danger or other forms of threats it can more efficiently carry out its prime directive; to protect us. Learn how you can have more fun, satisfaction and happiness in life when you resist the urge to apply a black-and-white thinking, categorising and judging. *** ⁠⁠Send Adam a voice message⁠⁠, leaving your feedback or sharing your biggest insight - and perhaps your message gets featured on one of the upcoming episodes → ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Send Adam an email at or chat with him on ⁠⁠WhatsApp⁠⁠📲⁠⁠⁠⁠ If you're interested in chatting with Adam about stress, performance, change or life, and would like to perhaps be featured in his upcoming book, Inside the Comfort Zone, reach out at any of the above channels. *** Connect with Mark Staelgraeve,  Website: Email: LinkedIn: *** License code: XYFXBXJNWLDWGIHI License code: WAGLI0O500MPCUTJ License code: 51JGWLK3WSB6E6KW License code: 43R3VQJRVPUIHJI8 License code: RJBRYXWVOJDUN6C7 License code: 1FJZKHYDGLO8247B