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Inside the Comfort Zone with Adam Kawalec
Uncovering True Value by Letting Go of Attachment
Uncovering True Value by Letting Go of Attachment

So what do you buy for someone who’s travelled around the whole world as a singer and performer, who’s kind and generous husband can count some of Hollywood’s mega stars as his close and personal friends, and who’s got some of the most amazing friends and family one can imagine??

If you can’t tell already, I was freaking out for a moment. Feeling way too self-conscious for my own good.

Luckily, throughout all the years of us working together and knowing each other, one thing was very clear when it came to what my friend had a particular fondness for …

And then I started doubting myself again!

“What if she doesn’t like them? What if it’s not enough? What would be enough? Maybe I should buy a second pair to make up for the difference?!”

By falling victim to the social trap of wanting to get it perfect, of wanting to avoid making a mistake and picking the wrong item for a gift I was devaluing my original intention, and I was actively denying the value that I had to offer.

If you’ve ever felt anxiety trying to pick the right gift or to make an impact and provide value somewhere then there’s a lesson here for you.


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