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War is outdated and lazy: Exploring Effective Alternatives
War is outdated and lazy: Exploring Effective Alternatives
👉 Examining the potential of nonviolent action and social change as a peaceful solution to conflicts

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Anti-war protest Disproportionate Illustrations,

I took some time to gather my thoughts and feelings before releasing my latest episode. This is a different episode to the rest, yet a very important one, to me, and perhaps to you too. 

In this episode of "Inside The Comfort Zone," I go against the conventional idea of warring and peacekeeping through force, and I talk about the complex topic of war and its implications on society. As I explore the principles of Just War Methodology and the devastating consequences of modern conflicts, it becomes clear that war is not the answer. I argue that war breeds violence and disrupts the lives of innocent civilians. 

What’s the alternative?

I advocate for nonviolent action and social change as alternatives to resolve conflicts. And I share the surprising effectiveness that such actions have had on most conflicts of late. I emphasise the importance of listening and understanding rather than asserting dominance and being right

Ultimately, the episode highlights the need for reconciliation, justice, and the preservation of human dignity. To fully grasp these important insights, I encourage you to listen to the episode and explore these key takeaways:

  • War must be a last resort, with all peaceful options exhausted before resorting to force.

  • The destructive consequences of war affect innocent lives and hinder progress for generations.

  • Nonviolent action and social change provide alternatives to violence and a path towards true peace.

  • Understanding, empathy, and the abandonment of the need to be right are crucial for conflict resolution.

Listen in to "Inside The Comfort Zone" to gain a deeper understanding of the true cost of war and the importance of peaceful solutions.

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Resources and music used in the episode:

Jeremy Boreing’s quote on, Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef On Palestine's Treatment | The Full Interview

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